Who We Are

Power Tumble Gymnastics and Sports Center is located in Miami area. We provide the community with a comfortable, friendly environment in which to learn all levels of gymnastics, cheer and dance. Power Tumble Gymnastics and Sports Center offers private gymnastics instruction, group classes, birthday parties, sleepovers, drop-in clinics, tumbling, conditioning classes, Homework and tutoring and Cheerleading dance classes.


Our Company

PowerTumble Gymnastics is a gym for children twelve old months to sixteen years old, located in Doral, Florida.  Our gymnastics center is filled with fun and instructional equipment, offering the best possible physical education class and skills to children in a sage environment.


Cheerfully decorated, PowerTumble Gymnastics provides a unique and fun way for children to receive the fitness they deserve, which is essential for their development.  Instructors with "a special heart towards children" make the experience memorable as well as educational.  Have you seen the look on your childs face after completing a simple somersoult or a handstand?



Our Vision

PowerTumble Gymnastics vision is to become the leader in not only gymnastics, but in every fitness related activity that involves and promotes a healthy lifestyle among children of all ages, and be recognized as creators of excellence in these fields. 



Our Mission

PowerTumble Gymnastics coaches and staff thoroughly enjoy teaching children, providing a base of discipline for their future.  Our programs have been designed to build self-esteen among children as they accomplish each physical skill required in the lesson plan.  



Our Goals

To offer every child the BEST possible instruction in an organized, fun
filled and controlled learning environment.

To offer every child who participates in our program the same quality of instruction regardless of their ability.


For each child in our program to feel special, helping them to reach their individual potential in the sport of choice.


To offer a program that provides more than physical development; mental
discipline and fun.  It is our belief that properly taught gymnastics,
tumbling & trampoline, or cheerleading with emphasis on correct form,
proper technique, precise execution, teaches self-esteem, self-motivation,
self-discipline, dedication, and determination.
We have a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of basic skills
and progressions that follow the USAG rules and guidelines which can
lead to our competitive teams.


Our program also includes skill requirements as well as conditioning and flexibility for a safe, successful experience.


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