At Power Tumble Gymnastics the fun never ends! If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday party this is definitely your best option. Parties at the gym include 1 hour of gymnastics activities, obstacle courses, games, challenges and more; followed by 30 minutes at the party room for food and refreshments.  You may also add an extra hour to extend the fun.

What you get with our Party Packages:

Your party includes 1 hour of gymnastics, obstacle courses, trampoline, bounce houses, and exploratory fun.

The last half hour of the party will be for refreshment time under parental supervision.

PTG will provide table, and chair set up. 

Party Do's

  • Book your party at least a month in advance
  • Invite a lot of friends
  • Bounce on all the trampolines a lot
    Eat a lot of cake·
  • Receive a lot of gifts
  • Clean up afterwards

Party Don’ts

  • Drive yourself crazy with location arrangements and decoration
  • Forget to tell all your friends


Thank your parents for the best party ever!

For more information Call us at (305)477-5957 . 


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